Workshop Serious Gaming

Rob Tieben creates playful interactions in the fields of design, research and innovation. In both his education as M.Sc. in Industrial Design, and his PhD, Rob focused on activating play through interactive technology. He uses curiosity, play and social interaction to elicit people to change their behaviour for the better, while they play and enjoy themselves.

“Hi, I’m Rob. I’m curious, love playing, and want to make people a little bit happier. Luckily, that is what I can do every day. I have a PhD in Playful Persuasion and am co-founder and director of Games for Health. We work to make 1 billion people happy and healthy using the power of play, interaction and technology. I enjoy working with experts in healthcare and happiness, in order to design and create scalable solutions that truly change a person’s life.

We implement these solutions (inter)nationally with our partners in order to impact as many people as we can. I’m also exploring the application of science: I believe that science, business and healthcare can and should propel each other forwards. I discover and validate this through international research projects.”