23 November 2023 (Event has ended)
09:00 - 13:00
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Free entrance: reserve your seat by sending an email to with your name, mobile number and workshop of choice. Please mention WORKSHOP SERIOUS GAMES as subject in your mail

It’s time to broaden our horizons and explore the future of urban planning with Serious Games. This workshop will bring together urban planners, policy makers, and civil servants to explore three emerging trends. Together, we will discover how Serious Games can change the approach to urban and sociatal issues.

Workshop Serious Gaming

9:00-9:30 Walk in, coffee and networking

9:30-10:15: Plenary Session on Three Emerging Trends in Serious Games: Citizen Science Games

10:15-10:30: Explanation of the Workshops and Participant allocation.

10:30-13:00: Workshops

1. Exploring the Trends: Citizen Science Games Workshop – Led by Dr. Rob Tieben, we will delve deeper into Citizen Science Games and explore concrete applications. Learn how these games bridge the gap between research and players. Participants will get hands-on experience with the paper prototype of a citizen science game.

2. Burger Participation Workshop – Facilitated by Dr. Ekim Tan, we will play an existing game from “Play the City” to understand the impact of games on Collective Decision-making in urban planning. Discover how this game promotes horizontal communication.

3. Play as Dialogue Workshop – Dr. Menno Deen will guide us in discovering the power of games to encourage respectful discussions on complex topics. Learn how players can explore each other’s perspectives. In this workshop, a paper prototype for a dialogue game will be designed as well.

About the speakers and workshop leaders

Dr. Ekim Tan – Architect, urban planner, game designer. She is originally  from Istanbul, now based in Amsterdam.

“Born in Istanbul, I moved to the Netherlands after working and studying in the United States, Syria, and Egypt. Trained as an architect, my growing interest and passion for cities and games led to a Ph.D. at the Technical University of Delft, titled ‘Negotiation and Design for the Self-organizing City: Gaming as a Method for Urban Design.’ In 2008, I founded Play the City in Amsterdam and Istanbul, which helps governments and market parties effectively collaborate with stakeholders. Since developing the City Gaming method during my doctoral research at TU Delft, it has been applied in projects worldwide, including Istanbul, Amsterdam, Dublin, Shenzhen, Tirana, Cape Town, and Brussels.”

Dr. Rob Tieben

“Hi, I’m Rob. I’m curious, love playing, and want to make people a little bit happier. Luckily, that is what I can do every day. I have a PhD in Playful Persuasion and am co-founder and director of Games for Health. We work to make 1 billion people happy and healthy using the power of play, interaction and technology. I enjoy working with experts in healthcare and happiness, in order to design and create scalable solutions that truly change a person’s life. We implement these solutions (inter)nationally with our partners in order to impact as many people as we can. I’m also exploring the application of science: I believe that science, business and healthcare can and should propel each other forwards. I discover and validate this through international research projects.”

Dr. Menno Deen

Dr. Menno van Pelt-Deen is a Design Researcher who explores game design in unique contexts, such as swimming pools, therapeutic sessions, and forests. He collaborates with professionals, students, and non-game developers, building bridges between industries, disciplines, and people. His work fosters the inclusion of new perspectives and domains in the game development industry, promoting honest dialogue amongst players. Menno initiated Games Jams that focus on inclusion, health, education, and cultural heritage, inspiring and connecting participants. He co-founded Lapp, a game studio that develops prototypes and conducts user tests for games encouraging meaningful interactions between (grand)parents and children. As chairman of Games for Diversity, Menno strives to improve the representation and inclusion of socio-cultural minorities in games through events like game jams, talks, and mixers. He organizes showcases at GDC and Gamescom, industry meetings in Utrecht, and various conferences and summits. Currently, Menno is working on games addressing cancer, arthritis, loneliness, and other (mental) health-related subjects, all aimed at connecting people through play.

Organized in collaboration with Playgrounds.

How to attend?
Free entrance: reserve your seat by sending an email to with your name, mobile number and workshop of choice. Please mention WORKSHOP SERIOUS GAMES as subject in your mail.

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