Game Week

Jort van Welbergen is a Dutch senior freelance concept artist and art director. In his 10 year career he has worked for many companies and on many projects including Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Star Citizen, Star Atlas, House of Dragon and Marvel Eternals.

Jort has a passion for designing fantastical but believable worlds, best expressed in his hard surface, vehicle and environment design work.

His previous clients include HBO, WarnerBROS Atomhawk, ImagineFX, Immersive Entertainment and RealtimeUK.

In addition to being an artist Jort has also been teaching for over 8 years at various schools such as Game Art Institute in L.A. and IDEA Academy in Rome, as well as in private through online mentoring.

Lastly Jort has been a part of Playgrounds for almost 8 years as well, having been involved in  The Art Department festival from its very first edition.

We can’t wait to enjoy his expertise about building worlds for games and series during The Art of Game conference on 24 November at the Atrium of St. Joost Breda.